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Modern Death

Today’s bodies are so full of colorings, additives and preservatives, so a body won’t rot as quick.  Or so people say.

How does that make you all feel?  Do you all eat food with a lot of additives in them?  Would you like your body to stay fresh for days?

You know the problem? This shit is cyclical. There isn’t a continuous monotonic march of progress in government/technology/society.
We like to think so given the experience of the last 100 years or so. But it’s really an aberration in human history. Physiologically modern humans began migrating out of Africa roughly 70,000 years ago. ~5000 years ago marks the beginning of most observable history. While the Roman Empire (0 BC) marked a high point for technological/societal standards for the time, there was essentially no progress for 1500 years, and that only started to match the standards of the Roman era. And only within the last 150 or so have people begun to live noticeably different lives—with modern machinery, dependable rule of law and property rights, democratic representation, etc.
Now, you can take the optimist’s view and say that progress is a very slow process and we’re just lucky to live when it’s speeding up. Or you can say there’s a reason why it took 70,000 years for physiologically modern humans to reach this level when most of the progress has been in the last 200 or so.
The reason: human beings are awful. We’re xenophobic, aggressively ignorant, prideful, and vain. For tens of thousands of years of human evolution, petty feuds and rivalries were probably the main obstacle to progress. And as the Roman example (or the Chinese civilization, in a different way) proved, humans will devolve, fight, and be sidetracked by petty rivalries despite their sophistication. Sophistication is no defense against our baser impulses.
And that’s what conservatives don’t get. Humans either progress, or they’re lost in a morass of history. There is no “extended golden age” of civilization where everything was simpatico to go back to; most human history has a terrible track record. When you combine this with the fact that the strongest human impulse is to take everything for granted—it’s utterly unsurprising that you have people who think modern civilization is an iron law rather than an incredibly fragile aberrant thing that we’re entirely capable of fucking up if we aren’t on our game.
TL;DR People take shit for granted; this is why most human progress has only been made in a few hundred years total. Don’t expect it to continue.
I believe in the power of rational thought and critical thinking. I believe that we should live thoughtful, peaceful, moral lives because it’s the right thing to do and not because we’re afraid of punishment or hopeful for a reward beyond the grave. We have this one life, and we should make the best of it for the short time we are here.